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Modern Silicone Spoon Rest - Kitchen Utensil Holder - Quality Material (Set of 3)
  • MODERN SILICONE SPOON REST - These modern spoon rests, made from 100% food grade silicone, BPA free, heat resistant. Increases the modern look of any stove top.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The silicone material makes them easy to clean by hand with a simple wipe or are dish washer safe.
  • SIZE - Large spoon rest (9.1" x 4.7") for use of small and large kitchen utensils.
  • NO CROSS CONTAMINATION - Quantity: 3 pack / Colors: Black, dark grey, light grey. Includes three spoon rests for use of multiple utensils without cross contamination.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - if you ever have an issue with our product, message us for a full refund
DISCOUNTLatest Spoon Rests For Kitchen
Home Acre Designs Spoon Rests for Kitchen-Spoon Rest for Stove Top-Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decor-Spoon Rest Ceramic-Spoon Holder White-Spoon Rest Black-Spoon Rests for Kitchen Stove-Counter Top
  • Get the Home Acre Designs Collection! Add our white kitchen utensil holder, sponge holder, and butter dish to your spoon rest holder order! Our kitchen spoon rest's ceramic design is dishwasher safe unlike a spoon rest wood. This spoon ladle rest is durable stoneware and won't scratch or rust like a stainless spoon rest, steel spoon rest, silver spoon rest, or copper spoon rest. Our cooking spoon rest adds that modern farmhouse look that a silicone spoon rest can't.
  • Great Size Farmhouse Spoon Rest-Our ceramic spoon rest is 8.3" L and 3.9" W. Home Acre Designs white spoon rest is perfect for resting large and small spoons, ladles, spatulas along with your other kitchen cooking utensils. This rustic antique designed spatula spoon rest offers classic black and white colors, perfect for your farmhouse kitchen decor. Just throw our painted spoon rest in the dishwasher, no need to worry about it rusting like a spoon rest stainless steel or metal spoon rest.
  • Dishwasher Safe Large Spoon Rest - Our modern spoon rest is made with your busy life in mind. Home Acre Designs stoneware spoon rest is dishwasher safe. Don't let your spoon rest in grease on your counters, use this rustic spoon rest to keep your kitchen counters clean and let your dishwasher clean the grease! The spoon dish is the perfect size. Our white and black spoon rest won't take up too much space on your cooktop. Add a decorative touch with this colorful spoon rest.
  • Protect Your Counters, Stovetop, and Table - This spoon rest modern design is perfect for your counter tops, cooktop, table top, coffee bar, coffee nook, or coffee station. Use it for a pot spoon rest, coffee spoon rest, or a spatula spoon rest. The classic farmhouse and french country design goes beautifully with your mason spoon utensil holder and farm decor and accessories. Our spoon holder for stove top is perfect for your stirring spoons, teaspoon, silverware, and accessories.
  • So, What Are You Waiting For? You can get your vintage spoon rest in as little as 2 days! Click the "Add to Cart" button now to get your double spoon rest. This pottery spoon rest is a unique gift! Friends and family will love the cute spoon rest to add some style to their oven or stovetop. Our porcelain spoon rest makes a great gift for Christmas, Birthday, Mother's Day, Housewarming, or Wedding. This utensil rest works perfectly in large or small kitchens! It's perfect for Thanksgiving!
Latest Spoon Rests For Kitchen
Spoon Rests, Ceramic Make, by KooK, Set of 2, Red
  • Perfect for ensuring your counter-tops remain mess free and neat.
  • A fine ceramic make gives you the reassurance of long-lasting use without any worry of deterioration.
  • Comes in a set of 2 for those busy days in the kitchen. A great size for your soup ladles or even just a regular taster spoon.
  • A bright red color adds a nice splash of color to help lighten up your kitchen.
  • Dishwasher Safe.
Latest Spoon Rests For Kitchen
Stainless Steel Spoon Rest Set of 2, Fungun Large patula Ladle Holder, Spoon Rest Holder, Dishwasher Safe
  • [STURDY AND DURABLE]: This spoon rest set is made of thick gauge quality stainless steel, solid construction ensures long time usage. No any issues of breaking like the ceramic spoon rests. This heavy duty spoon rest would be a great addition to your kitchen
  • [EXQUISITE CRAFTED]: Design with brushed finish and funny texture, large and wide holder, good for resting large or small kitchen cooking utensils. balanced handle base will not rock back and forth to prevent scratching your stovetop or counter
  • [PERFECT SIZE]: With suitable size, wide and deep enough for multiple utensils and easily holds a huge serving spoon. Fungun spoon rest will help you orgnize your counters in perfect order when you cook
  • [MULTI-FUNCTION]: Rest for daily kitchen cooking utensils such as spoons, ladles, spatulas and so on . Widely perfect for kitchen, stove top, counter, coffee station, bar, camping and the buffet table. You will love this elegant and sleek spatula rest
  • [EASY CLEAN] This spoon rest features brushed finish surface, Which are simple to clean by hand and dishwasher safe! It is essential for family gatherings, everyday home use, catering, grill, camper and more
Latest Spoon Rests For Kitchen
Mikasa Italian Countryside Spoon Rest, 10-Inch, White -
  • The fluted bands and column-like detailing of this dinnerware recall classical Italian architecture
  • We usually think of a spoon rest on the stove, but use one whenever you need to protect your counter and table from messy flatware or utensils
  • Expertly crafted from stoneware
  • Spoon rest is 10 inch long
  • Dishwasher safe

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