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Ceramic Burners for Model Steam Boilers
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Weiss, Alex (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 112 Pages - 10/26/2020 (Publication Date) - Crowood (Publisher)
Bestseller Solder Pot
Free Slots Online Games : Dragon Edition - Journey Of Casino
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  • No real money or any other goods and/or services of the real world can be acquired in this game!
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Sanmum Geometric Glass Jewellery Trinket Box Brass Copper Terrarium Display Tabletop Display Case for Necklace Bracelets Rings Succulent Planter Terrarium Wedding Gift (Copper)
  • MATERIAL: Clear glass encircled by brass. Clear glass display box perfect to use as a wedding box and a keepsake box in your first home together. Glass will not air-slake and no color fading problem.
  • SIZE: The size is of the storeage box is approx. 7.5*7*4.5cm / 2.95*2.75*1.77inch. You can easily put it in a backpack or suitcase, ideal for traveling, business trips or home storage.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & PACKAGED WELL: Each item is packed quite well and protected in perfect condition. Manufactured from durable and thick glass which is easy to maintain, you can wipe the organizer with a damp cloth.
  • PRESENT FOR FRIENDS: The great design often used as a fantastic present for Wedding, Valentine?s Day, Wedding Day, Christmas. Easter, etc. Handcrafted stained glass keepsake box made with lead free solder to protect you and the environment.
  • VARIOUS USAGE: It well organizes all your expensive things as earring, necklace, anklet, bracelet, rings, contact lenses, hair band, treasure, etc. Also use this as a jewelry organizer and storage as a jewelry box jewelry organizer jewelry display. Make you easy to protect your precious stuff safely.
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4PCs Replacement Analog Joystick for Xbox One Controller, Repair Parts 3D Thumb stick Wireless Controller Rocker Sensor Module with Screwdriver Tool Kit for Xbox One, One S, One X and Elite
  • [When to replace] – The 3D sensor module needs to be replaced when your Microsoft Xbox One, One S, X and Elite wireless controller has the problem of stick drifting, creeping, shuttering, a blind spot, a dead spot, a dead zone, no reaction when click or wouldn't center after years of wear and tear
  • [Xbox Genuine Parts] – OEM repair parts made by ALPS – the same maker as the one in your Xone controller. The original replacement assembly is to ensure accuracy and prolong lifespan
  • [Reminder of Replacement] – With as many as 14Pin, de-soldering and re-soldering the unit takes a lot of experience. Professional installation with a heat gun is suggested. Or simply have it replaced by technicians in a nearby cellphone repair shop
  • [What’s in package] – 4 PCs of brand-new analog joystick for Microsoft original Xbox One series controller. T6 and TR8 Torx security precision teardown screwdriver included. Tech support and example of replacement offered on ElecGear official site
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LLLucky Lead-Free Soldering Bar Pure Tin Article Solder Soldering Tin Bar FOR Solder Pot Desoldering Bath Low Melting Point Antioxidant Sn Welders Welding Wires Tool Silver
  • 1. Rubs on a Hot surface like a crayon. Coats easily and permanently
  • 2. General Procedure-Prepare the surface to be repaired by sanding or wire brush
  • 3. Lead Free galvanizing repair stick restores corrosion resistant zinc like finish on galvanized plates, shapes, pipe, rods, sheets, etc. after welding, cutting, abrasion.
Bestseller Solder Pot
Bestseller Solder Pot
Cooksongold Picklean Jewellers Safe Pickling Powder 500g Tub for Metalsmiths
  • Use in the soldering and finishing process of your copper, bronze or silver work to remove stubborn fire stain
  • Mix 1tbsp of picklean with 200ml of hot water and immerse your work for 10 minutes in the solutions immediately after quenching
  • Alternatively add 1/2 tbsp to a barreling machine with your work, stainless steel shot and warm water
  • Made from 100% non-toxic, food grade materials this safety pickle really is SAFE
  • Dispose straight down any drain as it is bio-degradeable and non-toxic
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8PCs Replacement Trimmer potentiometer Sensor for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Switch Pro Controllers, Trim Pot Resistors Repair Parts for Thumb stick Analog Joystick
  • [For most joystick problem] – The 3Pin trimmer potentiometer sensor needs to be replaced when the controller has the problem of creeping, stuttering, a blind spot, a dead spot, a dead zone or wouldn't center after years of wear and tear. De-soldering the unit with only 3 prongs will be much more easier than replacing the 14Pin joystick assembly
  • [10K ohm Rheostats] – The trim pot resistor is OEM repair parts – the same model as the one in your controller. The genuine replacement component is to ensure accuracy and prolong lifespan. It will fit the wireless controllers below: PS3; PS4 DualShock4 series (PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro); Xbox One series (Xbox One, One S, One X and Elite); Nintendo Switch Pro controller
  • [Reminder of Replacement] – Make sure you have basic soldering skills and some de-soldering supplies like an electronics solder iron and small gauge solder. Use a pair of pliers to separate the problem sensor off the thumbstick component. A metal pick helps to clear the holes in the PCB. Re-soldering the new unit in is a breeze. Just remember to use flux and keep the iron's tip well tinned
  • [What’s in package] – 8 PCs of brand-new potentiometer sensor modules for games controller joystick (for PS3, PS4 and Xbox One series controllers ONLY!). Tech support and example of replacement offered on ElecGear official site. (Be noticed: 1. We cannot guarantee its compatibility with other controllers. Check the sizing and make sure it is around 10K ohm; 2. It will solve the problems caused by the 3Pin sensor only. Make sure this point before ordering.)
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Simply SP-028 Electrical Contact Cleaner Maintenance Spray 400m
  • High quality spray to clean electrical contacts. Cleans oil, dirt residue and condensation from sensitive electronics and electrical equipment.
  • Powerful jetspray
  • Non-conductive and non-corrosive
  • Leaves no residue and high dissolving properties
  • Fast drying
Bestseller Solder Pot
New flux soldering paste in the 100g tin for electronics SMD plumbing DIY etc
  • RMA Flux, soldering paste, max. 350°C
  • max operating temperature 350 °C
  • 100g tin

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Best Solder Pot
MASUNN CM360A 100W 200-480 Degree Solder Pot Soldering Desoldering Stainless Steel Plate
  • The furnace electronic thermostat board, is part of the imported components production, tin stove is made of stainless steel plate,can be adjusted according to the requirements selected temperature.
  • Use, easy maintenance, thermal effects, tin melting fast.
  • Parts easy to replace.
  • Power: 100W
  • Input Vlotage: 220VAC
Best Solder Pot
Prince August Solder Melting Pot 220-230v with Hobby Casting ladle and Solder Flux Pot.
  • Much faster to melt metal than a normal kitchen cooker.
  • Thermostatically regulated temperature between 200 and 450 celsius.
  • Create 30% better figures with high temp castings.
  • Fitted with a UK standard electric plug. CE approved.
  • Capacity of approximately 1200 grams of pewter in the pot.
Best Solder Pot
Best Solder Pot
Solder Pot,KINGEVA 220-240V 150W Solder Pot Tin Melting Furnace thermoregulation Soldering Desoldering Bath 50mm 200-450℃ Max 500g Capacity
  • High Quality--- Using high quality stainless steel solder pot, with a high temperature, acid, abrasion resistance, non-stick tin, tin oxide surface less so; tin less, less power consumption, energy saving, long life
  • Effective ---Effective insulation technology to shorten the melting of tin time, improve thermal efficiency, reduce energy consumption
  • Temperature Control---New electronic thermostat circuit design, the working temperature from 200-450.more reliable and practical.
  • Lead-free soldering pot---Great for tinning the ends of stranded wire leads, pre-tinning small electrical parts, re-tinning soldering iron tips and dip soldering small circuit boards.
DISCOUNTBest Solder Pot
Silverline 281271 Soldering Tip Cleaning Ball and Base
  • Cleans soldering iron tips without water
  • Retains tip temperature
  • For use with dry soldering irons
  • Brass wool refills available separately
  • Safe and clean to use


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New Solder Pot
WANGYONGQI 300W Electric Desktop Solder Pot Tin Melting Furnace, 220V Thermoregulation Soldering Desoldering Bath 200~450 Centigrade,220V,150W
  • 1. Perfect for tinning or stripping wires, wiring harness, circuit boards, etc.
  • 2. The heavy and stable base helps to prevent from tipping over, more safe to use.
  • 3. Available to adjust and setting temperature from approx. 200℃ to 450℃(392℉ to 842℉).
  • 4. The tin pot is made of stainless steel coated with titanium, which features high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion and durability.
  • 5. Stainless steel heater features effective heat transfer and quick temperature rising.
New Solder Pot
Hakko A1539 Durable Solder Pot
  • Durable Solder Pot, 50mmx50mmx50mm
  • Designed for use with the Hakko FX301 Sodler Pot
  • High quality Japanese design for durability and long life
New Solder Pot
HappyL Eectrical Products 50mm 220V 150W Solder Pot Soldering Desoldering Bath Titanium Plate.
  • Temperature range:200-480°C
  • Melted solder capacity: 500g
  • Tin pot diameter(mm): 50mm
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Using these products will definitely improve your quality of life.
New Solder Pot
Solder Pot, Lead Tinned Constant Temperature 5-15min Melting Time (Gold or Silver -RRB-)
  • The product has excellent heating capicity and excellent thermal stability.The solder pot can be easily operated and repaired.
  • Great for tinning ends of stranded wire leads, pre-tinning small electrical parts and dip soldering small circuit boards.
  • The product is easy to use, having characteristics as tin melting fast, auto temperature stay still.
  • Solder pot s temperature can be chosen according to requirements.
  • Suitable for melting solder, plastic, resin and more. Widely used in transformers, coil pin tin plating, electronic transformers, electronic wire production, etc.
New Solder Pot
Solder Pot Fast Melting Constant Characteristics Solder Pot Soldering Desoldering Stainless Steel Platefor Low Melting Point Metal (Gold or Silver -RRB-)
  • 【Wildly Used】---Our solder pot is suitable for melting solder, plastic, resin, and can be widely used in the process of transformer, coil pin tinning, electronic transformer, electronic wire production, etc. Our products will definitely create a more convenient life for you.
  • 【Energy Saving】---Our tin melting pot is made of high-quality stainless steel, which has the advantages of high temperature resistance, acid resistance, abrasion resistance, non-stick tin, and less tin oxide surface. Under the same workload, it uses less tin, consumes less power and saves energy.
  • 【Easy To Control】---The temperature of our solder cans can be adjusted, and the temperature of the solder cans can be controlled by adjusting the button, so you don’t have to worry about being unable to control the temperature.
  • 【Automatically Maintain Temperature】---The tin melting can is very simple and convenient to use, and the speed of melting tin is very fast, and it can automatically keep the heating temperature constant when heating.
  • 【Service】---If the product is damaged or unusable, please contact our customer service in time, we will solve it for you as soon as possible and give you a satisfactory answer.


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