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Latest Dad Ice Cream Spoon And Bowl
Gifts for Dad –Dad’s Ice Cream Bowl and Engraved Spoon Dad’s Ice Cream Shovel – Ideal Father’s Day Gift, Christmas Gift or Birthday Gift by Josephine on Caffeine
  • FATHER’S DAY GIFTS HAVE NEVER BEEN SO STYLISH– What Dad doesn’t love ice cream? Treat your beloved dad to this stunning ice cream bowl with engraved shovel style spoon. He will be the proudest dad for miles remembering the special bond between he and his child.
  • FUNNY AND PRACTICAL GIFT FOR DAD–no one else in the house will have such a hilarious bowl specially to enjoy ice cream in! The bold statement says Dad’s Ice Cream in a waffle cone themed font topped with colorful toppings and the oh so important cherry on top. Oversized and with a convenient handle he can really go to town on exciting flavors
  • ICE CREAM SPOON FOR DADDY–not only does daddy get his own ice cream bowl, he also has his own personal spoon to eat with. Designed to look like a shovel, it is engraved, and laser etched(for permanent color) with Dad’s Ice Cream Shovel – he will laugh every time he digs into his favorite ice cream treat.
  • OUTSTANDING QUALITY GIFTS FOR MEN–with a generous capacity of 30 ounces, and a diameter of 5 inches across dad can enjoy multiple scoops of ice cream in one sitting in his shiny new bowl. The shovel spoon measures 7.25 inches long and features a matte finish which is perfectly sized for desserts and other sweet treats
  • PERFECTLY BOXED FOR THAT SPECIAL OCCASION–we’ve not just designed the perfect gift for dad, but we have gift boxed it too! The bowl and spoon sit beautifully in a handsome box with a sponge interior to keep the fragile items safe. Make his day this Father’s Day, Birthday or Christmas with this fun and colorful gift.
Latest Dad Ice Cream Spoon And Bowl
Weenca Engraved Spoon Dad's Ice Cream Plow Gift for Dad Sturdy Stainless Steel Ice Cream Spoon Best Dad Gifts for Beloved Dad's who Adore Ice Cream
  • Fathers day gift - surprise your papa and make him feel special during fathers day! Engraved spoon with your chosen design - amazing personalised gift for dad.
  • Gift for dad comes in a solid gift-ready packaging made of eco-friendly recycable paper. Ready to gift engraved ice cream spoon - is the best dad gift to show your love on fathers day.
  • Practical gifts for dad who has everything. This gift for dad is a bestseller - it will remind him of you every time while having ice cream or another cheat meal.
  • Looking for premium quality dad gift? Engraved spoon is highly polished, clearly inscripted and dishwasher safe - it is outstanding gift for dad who deserves best gifts.
  • Gifts for dad with a lifetime warranty! If you are not satisfied with your engraved gifts, we will be happy to replace your dad gift or issue a full refund of your gift for dad.
Latest Dad Ice Cream Spoon And Bowl
Dad's ice Cream Shovel-dad Gifts-dad Gifts from Daughter-dad Gifts from Son-dad Gifts for Christmas-Father Gifts
  • “Lets feed your love to their heart” through this spoon”
  • “Eternal, Everlasting and Edible” --- Resist rust and corrosion from water and Moisture --- Enduring color and shine --- Fit / safe to eat through this spoon
  • “Proportion and Inscription Trait” --- Length- 6 inches, width- 1.4 inch (Head) and Thickness- 2mm --- Material - Stainless steel --- Clear and visible font with suitable size of the text --- Dishwash and user friendly with non – disfigurement
  • “Show your craving love through this engraving” (According to Best Practices and Guidelines) --- Done with High-Quality Laser engraving machine --- Non – Erasable, handy and versatile --- Smooth edge, highly polished, sturdy and difficult to bend
  • Let the cherish one have ‘Savour of Love’ --- Perfect present for cherish one, occasions, birthdays etc., --- Check out our brand for more themes and fonts.
Latest Dad Ice Cream Spoon And Bowl
Stainless Steel Double-wall Vacuum Insulated Bowl, 24 oz, Perfect bowls for serving ice cream or hot soup (1 Pack, Stainless Steel)
  • Double wall insulated design protects your hands from cold ice cream or hot soup!
  • Tapered bottom makes it easy to hold in your hands while sitting on the couch.
  • Durable Stainless Steel that is dishwasher safe. (Do not put metal bowls in the microwave)
  • Available in several colors: White, Pink, Green, Coffee Brown, and Stainless Steel
Latest Dad Ice Cream Spoon And Bowl
Christmas Gift for Dad, Father's Day Gift Stamped Spoons, Engraved with"Dad's Ice Cream Shovel", Best Event Gift for Him, Birthday Gift from Daughter Son Wife
  • A PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY DAD WHO ENJOYS ICE CREAM. A big sturdy spoon with "Dad's Ice Cream Shovel" engraved into the spoon, along with a little picture of a dish of ice cream.
  • A FUNNY AND LOVING PRESENT FOR FATHER'S DAY. Dad's birthday, or other occasions. A loving gift because it tells Dad it's okay to enjoy his occasional treats -- treats that he's earned by being a great dad!
  • STRONG AND DURABLE FOR A LIFETIME OF USE. With its thick, heavy-duty handle, this spoon is strong enough to "shovel" out servings of even hard-frozen ice cream. It's a hardy, manly spoon.
  • A GREAT LOOKING SPOON. Made from finest stainless steel, this spoon has a cool-looking combination of shiny and mat finishes. The engraving is clear and deeply cut, so it will never wear off.
  • NO-RISK PURCHASE! UNCONDITIONAL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you're unsatisfied with this item for any reason, we'll immediately refund your purchase price.

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