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Bestseller 4 Gang Wall Plate
Computer Spares 4 Module Double Gang Face Plate for Euro AV Modules Wall Outlet (Rounded)
  • Module Dimensions: 146mm x 10mm x 86mm
  • Colour: White
  • Able to hold four standard 25mm wide modules
  • Compatible with the Universal AV Snap-in Modular Range
  • Compatible with any standard AV back box
Bestseller 4 Gang Wall Plate
4 Post 1 Gang Surround Sound Speaker Wall Plate Stainless Steel with Gold Binding Posts NO SOLDERING REQUIRED
  • Stainless Steel 4 Post Speaker Wall Plate
  • Fully Insulated 24k Gold Plated Insulated Terminal Posts NO SOLDERING REQUIRED
  • Accepts 4mm Banana Plugs, 8mm Spade/Fork Connections or Wire up to 4mm
Bestseller 4 Gang Wall Plate
4 Pieces 1-Gang Brush Wall Plate Brush Style Cable Wall Plate Cable Pass Through Insert for Wires, Opening Passthrough Low Voltage Wall Socket for HDTV HDMI Speaker Cable Coaxial Network Phone Cable
  • Package content: you will get 4 pieces of single-gang wall plates and 4 pieces of wall plate inserts, along with 16 pieces of screws, a complete combination facilitates your installation and meets your daily needs
  • Easy installation: the installation is simple and quick, it will not take up much of your time, just insert the brush into the wall plate and place on the wall, and then tighten the screws
  • Applicable range: the single-gang brush wall plate is widely applicable for HDTV cables, HDMI cables, home theater systems, speaker wires, coaxial cables, network cables and phone cables
  • Reliable material: these brush wall plates are made of quality ABS plastic, so they are durable, odorless, strongly impact resistant, high and low temperature resistant, and with a long serve life
  • Suitable for many occasions: the white brush wall plate is simple and generous, giving your outlet a clean and tidy appearance, suitable for many places to use, such as home, office, commercial and industrial buildings
Bestseller 4 Gang Wall Plate
DISCOUNTBestseller 4 Gang Wall Plate
MXTECHNIC 4 Ports 4K HDMI Wall Plate Outlet Cover with 6 Inch Female to Female High Speed HDMI Pigtail Cable for Video Game Systems,TV Boxes or Other HDMI/Ethernet Channel-enabled Devices, White
  • HDMI 2.0 Ports : 4 pieces of 6-inch flexible female to female HDMI cable couplers are included. They are plug and play cables supporting 4K, 3D, ARC and backwards is compatible. Enjoy high quality audio/video without tangled cables or visible cables in the wall.
  • SNUG IN DESIGN,NO SCREW IS NEEDED ON THE BACK: Instead of using screws to fix cables to the bracket , you can just lock the cable into the slot for easy installation . Simple as that.
  • FITS STANDARD WALL OUTLETS: This wallplate is designed in standard size so it works with most of the major wall mount electrical boxes and recessed outlets brands
  • QUALITY MATERIALS ARE USED: This HDMI wallplate is made from pure quality plastic materials which makes it durable and strong. HDMI connectors are gold-plated to improve the contact quality and prevent signal from drop out . They are well constructed and made with quality components.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY: Just in case you are not satisfied with the wallplate,please contact us any time. We offer 1 year full money back warranty. Hide the wires in the walls now !

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Best 4 Gang Wall Plate
Best 4 Gang Wall Plate
4 Post 1 Gang Surround Sound Speaker Wall Plate Stainless Steel with Gold Binding Posts NO SOLDERING REQUIRED
  • Stainless Steel 4 Post Speaker Wall Plate
  • Fully Insulated 24k Gold Plated Insulated Terminal Posts NO SOLDERING REQUIRED

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New 4 Gang Wall Plate
BCDL White Smart WiFi Switch Touch Panel,Neutral Required Transmitter Wall Waterproof Panel 1/2/3 Gang Remote Control Switch Works With Alexa Google Home 1119 (Color : White, Size : Kit 4)
  • Using the App to control the light no matter where you are. Set schedules or timer to turn on/off. Create scenes to control a group of lights. Share the control with families.
  • Once you have this switch,you can connect it with Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control.Turn on/off with voice commands. Save yourself the effort of press button especially when your hands are full. Life becomes more easier.
New 4 Gang Wall Plate
BCDL Gold Smart Glass Touch Switch Panel, Adjustable Transmitter Wall WiFi Panel 1/2/3 Gang Remote Control Switch Works With Alexa Google Home(No Neutral Required) 1119 (Color : Gold, Size : Kit 4)
  • Our Wifi Touch Switch is Fireproof and Waterproof. Protection Against Electric Shock for Your Family.Take full control of your Home&Office lights intelligently with the timer feature on your App,which owns a 5+1+1 day programmable schedule
  • Differs in features from traditional common switch,this smart switch is able to be controlled by various ways alone with the best value.Each controlling way is able to work independently,providing a much more convenient and comprehensive control mode to your smart home.

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